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TBI is a group of companies that modernises, organises and maintains our living environment in a sustainable way. The group operates as a flexible network organisation. The TBI companies have high quality, specialist expertise in engineering, construction and infrastructure.

Although each company operates under its own name, cooperation between them is optimal because of their ‘family relationship’. We are large when necessary and compact when possible. The employees speak the same language and share the same values and aims. Our network organisation provides ample scope for

We are at our best when we are close to our customers. We make sure that we modernise, organise and maintain our living environment in a sustainable way. In 2018, with over 5.986 employees, we jointly achieved a turnover of EUR 1.850 billion.

We strive to achieve a balance between social commitment and economic progress. We focus on continuity and on the long term. Lines are short and there is great potential for specialisation and development in each of our companies. We work to build strong, profitable andsustainable companies. We invest in people, innovation and the future.

Our employees are and will always be our most important asset. They maintain lasting relationships with customers and deliver added value. In our view, being a good employer means creating a safe working environment and ensuring good employment relationships and possibilities for personal development at all companies. By definition, we focus on the future. Our work has both a major and a long-term impact on people’s lives. The future is not something that happens to us, it is something that we can create. We are living in an age of rapid developments and increasing scarcity. People, markets and society want companies that make corporate responsibility an integral part of progress.

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