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Government ships

Eekels is a leading supplier of electrotechnical services and systems for ships and offshore applications. Complete ship installations are custom-designed and produced for installation at the Dutch shipyards or, as is often the case, to be shipped as ready-made build kits to shipyards in Romania, Vietnam, China and various other countries.

Within this Market segment

Eekels supplies a large number of electrotechnical services to the shipbuilding industry:

  • Advisory services
  • System engineering and design
  • Supplying custom-made and standard systems
  • Installations for the shipbuilding industry
  • Supervision during execution
  • Commissioning
  • Service and repair


Eekels is known worldwide as a supplier of electrotechnical systems and services for Marine & Offshore applications. The company has its foundation in the knowledge-intensive North-Netherlands shipbuilding sector. Ever since the twenties of the previous century, Eekels has been supplying reliable electrotechnical installations to merchant ships, developing into an innovative coproducer of shipping concepts. Eekels supplies technologically high-grade installations for:


Eekels has successfully completed the electrical work forming part of the Mid-Life Update of the Zr.Ms. Luymes and Zr.Ms. Snellius.

The Zr.Ms. Luymes and Zr.Ms. Snellius are hydrographic survey vessels (HSVs) whose primary task is to map out the sea bed. The Royal Netherlands Navy’s Hydrographic Service uses this information to create nautical charts etc.

By order of and in collaboration with Damen Shipyards Den Helder, Eekels has spent almost two years working on the engineering, work preparation and installation work on board the two vessels. Besides maintenance of cabling and ducts, a number of systems have been completely replaced or modernised such as the phone, navigation lighting, fire alarm and CCTV systems.

Offshore Patrol Vessels

Commissioned by Damen Shipyards, Eekels provided the electrical installations for four Multi Service Offshore Patrol Vessels (MSOPV 1400), a 'second generation' offshore patrol vessel that is supplied to the Tunisian navy. The ships are built in Galati Romania.


For Damen Shipyards, Eekels worked on the integral electrical systems for two fully-electric ferries. The ferries have been commissioned on Lake Ontario in Canada. Both ships will be entirely battery-powered. While passengers and vehicles are boarding and deboarding the ferry, the vessel will have a window of approximately 10 minutes to charge its batteries using a charging station at the dock. According to Damen, making the two ferries fully electric will prevent the emission of 7 million kg of carbon dioxide. As system integrator, Eekels has designed a solution that achieves extensive integration of the Marpower Drives (electric motor and DC [direct current] distribution) and Automation (Alarm, Monitoring & Control + Power Management) systems.