Piping & Mechanical

Eekels offers more than 60 years of mechanical engineering experience at the high end of the market. Eekels is active within project-based service and maintenance activities and with specialised equipment manufacturing, installation, revision, repair and maintenance to non-core activities for e.g. the processing of aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.

Projects and Shutdowns

In the field of Projects & Shutdowns, Eekels provides a comprehensive full service package: management, procurement, planning, site preparation and execution of in-house work.

There is a choice of various contract forms:

  • Contract forms with bonus/malus arrangements
  • Fixed price contracts
  • Open budget
  • Unit rates
  • New construction and modernisation projects


In projects we take project-based responsibility for all activities. From design to turnkey completion, including civil engineering, E&I and subcontractors. You do not have to take care of anything; just enjoy the successful outcome.

Eekels also provides effective multidisciplinary factory maintenance. Over the years we have built up extensive knowledge and experience in managing and executing shutdown maintenance.