Arklow Clan launching

On Friday 7 April the Arklow Clan, building number FS427, was successfully launched at Shipyard Ferus Smit in Westerbroek.

Eekels | TBI has designed and delivered the complete electrical installation for the fourth of a series of ten vessels that are built for the Irish shipping company Arklow Shipping. The Arklow Clan has a length of 87 metres and a width of 15 metres.

Foto: Kees de Vries

The delivery comprises a 400V main and emergency switchboard, the alarm system, the 275kW bow thruster engine provided with an Eekels frequency drive, a shaft generator and the bridge control panels. In addition to the cabling for their own and third-party installation work, Eekels has also supplied the lighting installation, the alarm installation and the search lights.

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