Dutch ambassador opens new business premises Eekels | TBI in Romania

On Thursday, October 4, 2018, Eekels celebrated the official opening of the new business premises of Eekels Romania at the Strada Alexandru Moruzzi in Galaţi Romania. The official opening act was performed by the Dutch ambassador in Romania, Mrs. S. Ronner-Grubačić. This festive gathering was attended by over 100 guests from both home and abroad.

After the start of the company in 2001, Eekels Romania has been working from its former premises at the Damen shipyard in Galaţi. Since this location no longer met efficient work and sustainability requirements, and there were insufficient opportunities for the extensions required, Eekels decided to build new premises at the same location. The new facility of over 5000m² has been built by Tancrad.

With this important investment, Eekels has realized ample office space for its project management, engineers and other office staff, a spacious manufacturing hall equipped with a dedicated test room and a large warehouse. The delivery of the office and part of the manufacturing hall has already taken place in the second quarter of 2018. The remaining part of the building was taken into use shortly after the summer of 2018.

Mrs. S. Ronner-Grubačić, Dutch ambassador in Romania:
“I want to congratulate Eekels with their dedication and success resulting in a beautiful new “home”. I wish you to continue serving as an example of Dutch business.”

Mr. H. de Haan, Managing Director Eekels Technology B.V.:
“Customer oriented thinking and doing is one of our business principles. The opening of our new business premises in Romania is an important result of this. By making use of these new facilities we are very confident about the future of our activities in Romania in particular and worldwide in general.”



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