Eekels commissioned by Ferus Smit

Eekels has been given a large commission by Ferus Smit for the electrical installation of a cement carrier, with an option for a second vessel.

The vessel will be built for Erik Thün A.B. The first vessel will be delivered at the end of 2015, and the optional second one potentially in 2016.

The vessel has a 7200 DWT and is 109.65 metres by 14.99 metres. It will be deployed in the Baltic Sea and will therefore comply with iceclass 1A. Partly because of the navigation area, the vessel will receive LNG propulsion.

The cement installation is based on the “fluidization” of dry cement by means of condensing air through air compressors. The cargo handling equipment will be able to discharge up to 500 cubic metres an hour.

Impression of the cement carrier, building No. 423

Eekels will design the total electrical installation as well as constructing and implementing the installation at the Ferus Smit Shipyard in Westerbroek.

In addition to the general electrical installation, Eekels provides the following products:

  • Switchboards and starters
  • Bow thruster installation with frequency converter and engine of 450 kW
  • Control panels
  • Signal columns and emergency telegraph
  • Automation installation type EAS06

Eekels can fully rise to the many technical challenges being posed by the production of this extremely advanced vessel.

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