Eekels I TBI hands over e-CO2tainer to Mobilis I TBI

On 4 October, Eekels handed over the first of an initial five e-CO2tainers to TBI company Mobilis.

The e-CO2tainer was developed with and for Mobilis in collaboration with the business units Industry & Infra and Systems. Based on an idea of Jeroen Ritzer - van Dinther (Electure), a mobile power supply was developed for use at Mobilis construction sites among other places. During construction, significant power capacity and peak power are often required, while this type of connection is not (yet) available. Applying for such a large construction connection is expensive and time-consuming, whereas a smaller connection can often be realised in the short term. In these cases, the e-CO2tainer can provide a solution by storing energy in a battery pack through which it supplies power for a construction site. The batteries are charged 24 hours a day with low capacity and the peak supplies to the construction site are covered by the battery. When there is no mains power, or the energy delivered from the mains is not sufficient for keeping the battery charged, the generator in the e-CO2tainer is switched on.

This Stage V generator runs on HVO100. This is a biofuel. This means that the e-CO2tainer is CO2-neutral which allows Mobilis to comply with the stipulated emission standards for the projects. Because of the Stage V exhaust standard, the soot particles created are captured in a filter system. This makes the installed generator one of the cleanest which is currently available. In combination with the HVO100 fuel, this is one of the first applications of this type of generator.

The festive presentation took place by means of the transfer of the entry tag by Hendrik de Haan, director Eekels (l) to Robert-Jan Feijen, director Mobilis (r). The tag not only regulates access to the e-CO2tainer but also the authorization and programming of the e-CO2tainer.

The e-CO2tainer is a successful development of the business units Industry & Infra and Systems. Industry & Infra developed the hardware design and the PLC software, while Systems contributed the drive knowledge and supplied the upper layer operating software based on the MAS platform. The operation runs on the MAS platform, and a data platform from which all containers can be tracked was developed for analysis of the data. The e-CO2tainers are equipped with an Ethernet data connection which allows for remote monitoring. Alarms and statuses are also sent from the container to a local administrator of the e-CO2tainers (for example, the foreman of the construction site). If he cannot correct the fault, Eekels can take a look at the container together with him and provide advice remotely.

A great result, where a beautiful product was developed through close collaboration between the various business units. Mobilis sees a bright future for this type of system.

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