Eekels | TBI contributes to the delivery of special mission vessel DH457

The DP1-classified special mission vessel “DB ABUJA” was successfully delivered recently by shipyard De Hoop in Tolkamer, and we are proud to have contributed to this.

The ABUJA is the first of two sister ships with new hull numbers DH 457 and DH 459 respectively.                                        

During its sea trial, the ABUJA’s performance exceeded expectations. With the hybrid drive system designed and installed by Eekels Technology, the vessel, which is 57.65 metres in length and has two main engines of 2350 KW each, is able to reach a cruising speed of 20 knots in diesel direct mode. In diesel electric mode, the vessel is able to use a low amount of fuel across the entire speed range.

Eekels Technology has designed and installed the complete electric system for this vessel, including a DC diesel-electric hybrid drive concept with a bi-directional mains converter system for powering either the AC grid (PTO) or the DC switchboard (PTI). In order to reduce fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions, a relatively small diesel generator set was installed which makes electric voyages possible at low speeds.

Hull number DH 459 is currently being completed and commissioned at the De Hoop shipyard in Foxhol, and the ABUJA will soon be sent to Delfzijl to complete its sea trial programme on the North Sea. Eekels Technology is looking forward to continuing its collaboration with De Hoop for the construction of high-speed multi-purpose vessels in Foxhol, Groningen.

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