Eekels | TBI delivers “Egbert Wagenborg”

After a successful trial run, Eekels | TBI has recently delivered the electrical installation for the MS Egbert Wagenborg, building number 850 KNS. This EasyMax type vessel has a length of 149 metres, a width of 15.9 metres and a cargo capacity of 14,300 tonnes. It is also the largest ship ever built on the landside of the dyke in the North of the Netherlands. Remarkably, the accommodation has been placed at the front, resulting in more favourable dimensions of the cargo holds and better protection of the deck cargo against frontal wave impact. This special design has resulted in a very low fuel consumption per cargo tonne per nautical mile.

De "Egbert Wagenborg"

Eekels | TBI has designed and delivered the complete electrical installation. In collaboration with Alphatron, the bridge control panel has been specifically designed and built for Wagenborg in the Eekels workshop. In addition to well-thought-out functionality and user-friendliness, much attention has been paid to the esthetics of the bridge control panel. The design control panel is to be used in various types of vessel in Northern Netherlands.

The MS Egbert Wagenborg is provided with the most advanced and state-of-the-art version of the Eekels Marine Automation System. This system is directly linked to the network, making it accessible from many places onboard and from shore.

J.D. Doorduin – Managing Director of Royal Niestern Sander: “In close collaboration with both the shipyard and the Northern maritime cluster of contractors, we have succeeded in giving a radically new meaning to the dry cargo vessel. The trial run results confirmed our high expectations, and the feedback on the Egbert Wagendorp’s maiden voyage was excellent. This was a great start of what is not expected to be limited to this building number.”

T. Klimp – Fleet Director Royal Wagenborg: “The Egbert Wagenborg is the first vessel of the EasyMax series. It is an innovative and specific ship design, following the less is more principle. With only essential marine equipment and by looking closely at loading possibilities and placing the accommodation in the fore section of the ship, an inexpensive and lightweight vessel was constructed. Due to its impressive loading capacity of 14,300 tonnes and a hold volume of 625,000 cubic feet, the Egbert Wagenborg breaks all previous records of comparable vessels that have ever been built in Northern Netherlands. The very low resistance due to an optimal hull form, below as well as above water, results in a fuel consumption of only 9 t/day at 11 knots. This makes the Egbert Wagenborg the world champion of efficiency and sustainability in its class of ships. The Egbert Wagenborg has a network through which most systems can be communicated with from various places on board. The systems can also be accessed from shore for diagnosis or malfunction fixing. This means lower maintenance costs, minimal down-time and reliable service. In short, Easy to build, Easy to operate and Maximum performance.”

Eekels sincerely congratulates Royal Niestern-Sander and Royal Wagenborg on this energy-efficient and future-proof vessel.

Please click on the link below for a video on MS Egbert Wagenborg:

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