Eekels | TBI delivers project subsea cranes to SMST

This month Eekels will deliver the final two offshore/subsea cranes from a series of eight to SMST Designers & Constructors in Drachten.

In February 2015 SMST Designers & Constructors B.V. in Drachten commissioned Eekels Technology for the electrotechnical installation for eight 50 ton (SWL) cranes.

These eight cranes have been sold to Huisman Schiedam.

For Eekels the electrotechnical element involves building and delivering the control panels including the electrotechnical on-site installation. The engineering is taken care of by SMST.

This specifically concerns four subsea cranes and four offshore cranes, a number of cranes will eventually be completed in Brazil by the Huisman company.

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