Eekels | TBI delivers Snow Crystal

Following a successful trial run, Eekels has delivered the electrical installation for ‘Snow Crystal’, building No. FS445, on Friday 17 November. Eekels has delivered and commissioned the complete electrical installation for the first of a series of two vessels that are built for the Swedish shipping company Erik Thun AB. The ‘Snow Crystal’ has a length of 89 metres and a width of13.35 metres. The FS446 will be the sister ship and the next in a series of two; sharing the same electro-technical characteristics, it will be physically 15.6 metres longer.

Both vessels are equipped with installations that enable ‘slow steaming’. For this the vessel has an onboard power supply of both 400V 50Hz and 440V 60Hz. The Eekels delivery comprises a 400/440V main and emergency switchboard, the alarm system, the 275kW bow thruster engine provided with an Eekels frequency drive, a shaft generator and the bridge control panels. In addition to the cabling for their own and third-party installation work, Eekels has also supplied the lighting installation, the alarm installation and the search lights.

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