Eekels | TBI at the forefront of sustainability

Eekels is aware of its responsibility to contribute to a sustainable society. To this end, Eekels develops initiatives independently and in cooperation with customers and other stakeholders.

As an electrical engineering specialist in the maritime sector, Eekels is closely involved in the development of a worldwide standard for High Voltage Shore Connection Systems (IEC 60092-510). Their implementation guarantees a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.Innovative energy concepts occupy an important place in Eekels' range of services. Eekels proactively informs its customers by organising energy seminars on new technologies and a conscious approach to saving energy, for example.

TU Delft Solar Boat Team

Eekels subscribes to the importance of good education and participates in various initiatives to improve technical education. Eekels is a partner of the Institute of Engineering of Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen because: "New energy calls for new energy professionals."

Eekels is also an enthusiastic sponsor of the TU Delft Solar Boat Team. The 3rd edition of the Solar Sport One Race competition took place on 29 and 30 June 2018. In the Winschoterdiep canal, just a stone's throw from Eekels' head office in Kolham, the Solar Boat Team achieved a fast time thanks to the high sun intensity. During the races, the Support Crew used an Eekels company van to go to the various Maintenance Spots. Click here for a brief impression of Day 1.

Curious about what Eekels can do for you in the field of sustainable maritime solutions? If so, contact Ulco Hoekstra, Sales Marine & Offshore Manager.

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