Eekels | TBI introduces 50 pupils to technology

On 12 March Eekels once again participated in the BOTHS project. BOTHS (in Dutch ‘Bedrijven, Opleidingen, Techniek, Hoogezand, Sappemeer’) stands for ‘Companies, Education, Technology, Hoogezand, Sappemeer’. The BOTHS project aims to introduce pupils of groups 6 and 7 to the subject of technology and to the companies in the municipality of Midden-Groningen in an educational yet fun way. This initiative arose because of labour shortages in the technology sector.

Approximately 50 pupils were given a presentation and a guided tour of the Eekels facility in Kolham, after which they were set to work on a practical assignment. It was clear that there is plenty of potential for taking a first step in the technology sector.

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