Eekels | TBI launches Marpower at SMM Hamburg

On 5 September 2018 Eekels Technology launched the Marpower brand at the international maritime trade fair SMM in Hamburg.

During a luncheon meeting in the NMT Holland lounge, Business Unit Manager Arjan de Graaf, in the presence of over 140 Dutch exhibitors, introduced the new Marpower brand. From now on our electrical propulsion solutions (power converters), Shore power convertors, Marine Automation Systems and various electronic products will be marketed under the trademark Marpower.

One readily recognizable name for our powerful and reliable solutions for the maritime sector and the industry. Marpower is and will remain part of Eekels. A new name within a robust and solid company focusing on further development of high-quality and reliable systems and their service and maintenance. Our systems and products are divided into four clusters:

Power Converters

The Shore power converter ensures a reliable and safe power supply on board ships in port, anywhere in the world.

Drive Systems

We deliver air-cooled and water-cooled drive systems for the industry and the maritime sector.


The Marpower Automation System (MAS) monitors the various subsystems on board. It takes work off the hands of the crew and will be further developed into a system of autonomous sailing.


Marpower offers products for the lamp monitoring module for bridges and locks, signal columns and emergency telegraph systems.

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