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Eekels is fully committed to sustainability. New, environmentally friendly technologies, reducing the ecological footprint, reducing emissions, digitalization, circularity and energy efficiency are high on our agenda.


Eekels at ZET: Zero Emission Technology

Within the energy transition, Eekels focuses on minimizing emissions and making maximum use of smart energy solutions. Ever since the climate summit in Paris in 2015, in which a binding climate agreement was concluded, Eekels has been on the move (ZET)! ZET stands for Zero Emission Technology.


Award-winning Modular Power Platform

This has resulted, among other things, in the development of a unique, future-proof Modular Power Platform, which allows ships to sail electrically. To generate that electricity on board, various clean sources and green fuels can be linked to just one system: our Modular Power Platform!

Those clean sources include clean generators, reformer technology, redox flow batteries, heat recovery, solar panels, wind power, shore connection and electrical storage systems such as batteries. Green fuels such as hydrogen, methanol and ammonia are needed to operate without emissions. The core and uniqueness of the Modular Power Platform is the breakthrough technology developed by Eekels to make these different energy sources work together and integrate both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) systems and all other applications on one platform.


Green Shipping

The first ships with the Eekels Modular Power Platform are now in service and the results exceed all our expectations. Want to know more? Please visit the Eekels stand (1507) during Europort from 7 - 10 November 2023 in Ahoy, Rotterdam.

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