Eekels | TBI makes essential contribution to ice-breaking expedition yacht La Datcha

The 77-metre-long SeaXplorer, La Datcha, recently departed from the Damen Yachting shipyard in Vlissingen. La Datcha, which is a combination of a luxurious superyacht and an expedition ship, comes with a heliport for two helicopters, a diving centre and decompression chamber, a three-man submarine, jet skis and snow scooters. The most distinctive part of the vessel is its hull, which complies with the Ice Class and IMO-Polar Code. The yacht can therefore be used in both tropical waters and for expeditions to the North and South Pole. La Datcha provides accommodation for a maximum of 12 guests and 25 crew members. Thanks to changes to the fuel tanks and the waste management system, the vessel is able to sail uninterrupted for 40 days at a time. As part of the Tinkoff collection, La Datcha is available for charter.

Eekels is responsible for the system integration of the electrical installations and drive systems, the power and light distribution boxes, the complete lighting installation, the battery system, the frequency converters, the Marpower® shore converter and the Marpower® alarm and monitoring system, including fire and gas detectors. The luxury lighting and domotics (interior automation) is fully customised.

La Datcha was largely built at the Damen shipyard in Galati (Romania), with Eekels Romania providing the steelwork and the cabling for the electrical installation. La Datcha was towed to Vlissingen for completion, where the luxury interior was installed. The commissioning, including the presentation of the systems to Class , took place in Vlissingen too.

La Datcha is the second yacht from the Damen Yachting SeaXplorer class and Eekels is proud to have been able to make an essential contribution to the realisation of both projects (SeaXplorer 62 & SeaXplorer 77).

Eekels is very grateful to Damen for the commission and the confidence placed in our technical expertise.

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