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Eekels | TBI makes a unique contribution to the success of e-ferries for Damen

26 Aug 2020

In early 2019, Eekels was chosen by Damen to participate in a sustainable project: the construction of five new type 2306 E3 fully electric ferries. The assignment was later expanded to seven e-ferries, all of which will be used for public transport in the centre of Copenhagen. Due to the completely emission-free propulsion system, total emissions from public transport in Copenhagen are estimated to decrease by 2.5% for CO2, 10% for NOx and 66% for particulates. Each e-ferry can carry up to eighty passengers. The absence of diesel engines means they operate quietly and vibration-free.

Eekels' contribution to this ambitious and green project has been substantial and unique. Eekels designed and/or integrated all the essential systems. Among other things, Eekels developed an energy management system that regulates the energy flows required for electric propulsion and for recharging the battery packs on board. Recharging takes place at a shore charging station when the craft is moored and takes only a few minutes. Eekels integrated both the battery management system and the fast charging system, as well as designing, supplying and installing the system for night-time charging. Eekels also designed and supplied the complete propulsion system, based on Aradex drives, including the associated DC and AC distribution systems and the bridge consoles.

Eekels fitted each e-ferry with its own Marpower Automation System (MAS), a complex and custom-built solution. The modular MAS collects information from all the subsidiary systems on board and communicates with the shore-based charging stations. The relevant data is clearly displayed on the central interface on the bridge. Integrating energy management with propulsion control within a single automation solution enables the e-ferry to be operated by one person.

Some key figures:

Ferry length                      : 23 metres

Propulsive power             : 2x 100 kW

Bow thruster                     : power: 1x 25 kW

Battery capacity               : 180 kWh

Shore charging station    : 600 kW

The first e-ferries of the series were recently delivered to the end customer. Eekels is very grateful to Damen for the assignment and for the confidence it has shown in our technical expertise.