Eekels | TBI modifies main switchboard for M.V. SeaMar Splendid

The main switchboard before the work.

In mid-March 2019, Eekels successfully delivered the modification of the main switchboard for the m.v. SeaMar Splendid.

The ship, built in 1986, was originally a Platform Supply Vessel (PSV). It was later converted into a research and support vessel. These days, the m.v. SeaMar Splendid is mostly used for diving and maintenance work on platforms in the North Sea for the oil & gas, telecommunications and wind turbine industries.  

The modification was necessary because spare parts for the old installation are obsolete, meaning it was no longer possible to guarantee continual operation.

The main switchboard during the work

Eekels completely renewed the generator fields of three main generators in the main switchboard, as well as an harbour generator. Thanks to the new circuit breakers, generator protection, automatic synchronisation and load sharing, the generator fields have been brought up to today's standards. In addition, Eekels provided emergency power supplies in order to assure a liveable environment for the crew in a cost-efficient manner and allow all other work to continue on board during the modification of the main switchboard. The work had to be carried out in a very short time frame. Eekels took on the challenge and delivered the installation on time and to the customer's satisfaction. Eekels wishes m.v. SeaMar Splendid and its crew a safe voyage

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