Eekels | TBI once again proud main partner of student association Versorium in 2021

Eekels is once again the main partner of student association Versorium in 2021. It is partly thanks to Eekels’ contribution that Versorium is able to realise its annual plan. In addition, the common objective is to increase each other’s name recognition and to allow students to come into contact with Eekels in an accessible way.

Over the past year, there have been several successful initiatives in which the students and Eekels have become acquainted, and both the students and Eekels are enthusiastic about continuing this collaboration. They are looking ahead to new or alternative initiatives that are possible within the coronavirus restrictions, but also after this period, when more is possible once again.

In 2020, Eekels relaunched De Keizer Marine Engineering. This relaunch has strengthened considerably Eekels’ position in the superyacht construction market segment and its position in the western part of the Netherlands. The relaunch therefore offers new opportunities for excursions, study assignments, work placement and graduate positions, and traineeships. Eekels’ field of activity in the Netherlands has also increased further as a result of the relaunch. In addition to Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe, students can also go to North and South Holland. In brief, there are even more opportunities to get to know our fantastic company, which offers plenty of opportunities to carve out an interesting career.

Eekels is the first main partner of student association Versorium, which was founded in 2019. Student association Versorium was founded in 2019 for and by students of the Electrical Engineering study programme at Hanze University of Applied Sciences for the majors Electronics, Mechatronics and Sensor Technology. The aim of the association is to help students whilst they are studying by offering a platform where they can go with any questions relating to study, study period and work placements. The association also offers opportunities for students to come into contact with companies.

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