Eekels | TBI opens service branches in Spain

In January 2023, Eekels | TBI opened two new service branches in Spain, one in Barcelona and another in Palma de Mallorca. The work that Eekels offers from these two branches consists of preventive and corrective maintenance and refit projects.

The service branch Eekels Technology España S.L. is headed by the service organisation within the Yachting business unit in Zaandam, the Netherlands. The maintenance services and refit projects in Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona are carried out independently by a team of 11 highly qualified FTEs and when desired, in collaboration with colleagues from the Netherlands. 

Why a service branch in Spain?

The demand for electro-technical service and maintenance work in Barcelona and Mallorca for super yachts is growing. The owners or their representatives of these super yachts are in urgent need of services, also after the delivery of newly built yachts. There are relatively few parties who offer a broad (electro-technical) service and maintenance package for the entire Mediterranean area. For owners and management firms, it is vitally important that the e-installation and software is properly managed and kept up to date. Eekels has the information required for this, is able to supply these services and offer a guarantee. Eekels hereby acquires a leading position in the new-build market and for all its system provisions such as the internationally renowned Marpower Shore Power Convertor

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