Eekels | TBI - “Partner in Technical Solutions”

This is the slogan of Eekels Technology and we believe in it. Building beautiful, technically innovative and sustainable solutions for ships for and together with the customer.

We do this for all integration solutions in the field of electrical engineering and automation on board a wide range of ships in the maritime market. For example, we have already built more than 2400 ships for all the market segments in which we operate.

We have also been actively working with products and systems since the very start of our company in 1908. Since the relaunch of De Keizer Marine Engineering (DKME) in November 2020, we have significantly expanded our range of products and systems with AV/IT and Lighting domotics solutions. This is now pre-eminently an area where we can develop our products close to, but above all together with, ship owners and shipyards and create an experience for the end user.

We see great commercial opportunities for expanding these new activities. We expect these activities to strengthen Eekels Technology as a whole in the coming years and to significantly increase our market share with our diversity of products and systems. Because we strongly believe in these 'Experience' products, we are going to set up a separate business unit called 'Experience'.

Our current director of Marine & Offshore, Jan Hoegee, will be in charge of this unit. In order to be able to focus all his attention on building, developing and growing the people and systems in this unit, he will step down from his directorship under the articles of association and the management of the Marine & Offshore business unit and focus entirely on these activities as from 1 April 2021. Since all our business units have contacts with shipyards, shipowners and end-users, Jan Hoegee will also be responsible for the commercial coordination of these contacts.

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