Eekels | TBI – From safety rules to safety awareness

A Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) audit was performed late 2018 within the Energy Cluster of the Eekels’ Industry Business Unit. The SCL is an auditing tool for measuring safety awareness and deliberate safe operating within companies. The SCL is used to stimulate companies and suppliers in enhancing safety awareness. As such it is complementing the VCA standards for a culture of safety.

The SCL is used to assess the safety awareness throughout an entire organisation. The behaviour observed by auditors is a critical factor in these assessments. In other words: are the staff aware of their roles and tasks in managing safety and is the correct behaviour being carried out. Both management as well as operating personnel will be assessed.

The outcome of the audit states that Eekels complies to the SCL requirements. The auditors have reported their very positive assessment of Eekels (Industry / Energy Cluster). They also reported that the Energy Cluster Team is compliant with the SCL requirements.

Both Eekels and its clients value safety as very important. Additional safety requirements are even requested by some clients, such as Tennet. Tennet believes that safety initiatives should come from all involved supply chain partners together instead of the more individual and traditional client – supplier relationships.

Chris Schepers; director Industry and Infra: “Safety is more than obtaining qualifications. Safety is most of all about perception and awareness. Comparisons with road safety can be made. Someone can get his driver’s licence but still drive under the influence of alcohol. A driver’s license is no guarantee of road safety. It has to do with one’s mindset.”

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