Eekels | TBI successful trial run MS Shetland

In March 2018 Eekels received the order from Shipyard Ferus Smit for the electrical installation of a cement carrier, a copy of the "Greenland" and "Ireland" delivered in 2015 and 2016. The Shetland was transferred to its owner after the successful trials in weeks 27 and 28.

Eekels realized the entire electrical installation and made it suitable for 50 and 60 Hz, so that the shaft generator can remain in operation when slow steaming. In addition, Eekels designed and supplied the gas detection system and developed software for controlling the Master Gas Valve of the LNG propulsion system. During the trial run, this system was set up by the Eekels commissioning team.

The Shetland is equipped by Eekels with a 2100A shore connection installation. This shore connection offers the possibility to self-unload the (cement) cargo without emissions. The Shetland is also equipped with the new Eekels Marpower automation line. The structure and expansion options of this highly flexible system have excellent ease of use.

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