Eekels | TBI successfully delivered 'state of art' production site for TKF

Today, Monday, June 17, 2024, Eekels and Mammoet successfully completed their contribution to the construction of TKF’s production facility in the Eemshaven. The ceremony was attended by representatives from TKF, Eekels, and Mammoet. Among the attendees were Chris Schepers and Bart Brom, the statutory directors of Eekels, Alexander van der Lof, CEO of TKH Group, and Paul van Vuren, Managing Director of Mammoet.

TKF, a leading international cable manufacturer and supplier, focuses on subsea cable production for the rapidly growing offshore wind market at this location. The new factory is designed to significantly increase TKF’s production capacity and contribute to the company’s quality and innovation focus in the offshore cable industry.

In this project, Eekels carried out piping and electrical and instrumentation (E&I) work for the interconnecting scope of the various installed machines that collectively form the complete production line. This expansion enables the production of the most complex subsea cables, which are essential for the offshore wind industry.

The factory became operational as early as March and since then, the TKF team has successfully produced three power cores. These cores feature a unique welded aluminum shield and a PE outer sheath, maximizing the reliability and durability of the cables.

We look back with pride on a particularly pleasant collaboration and a successful project. Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who contributed to this fantastic outcome.

Eekels | TBI

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TKF is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of cables. The new location in Eemshaven produces cables essential to the offshore wind industry, with a focus on subsea cables.
About TKF
Eekels performed the piping and E&I work for the production site, where they were responsible for the connections between the various machines in the production line.
About Eekels
Mammoet, known for their expertise in heavy lifting and transport solutions, played a crucial role in the realization of the new construction of the production site.
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