Eekels | TBI supplies Marpower automation system for refit vessel RollDock Sun

The RollDock Sun is one of the submersible heavy-cargo vessels of the Roll-Group. Due maintenance work will require the vessel to dock. In addition to the standard maintenance, some necessary renovations and adjustments are scheduled. The main switchboard will be modified and a new ballast water treatment system (BWTS) will be installed.

Eekels has been commissioned to replace the current alarm and monitoring system by the Marpower automation system (MAS). In order to minimize the required work on board, the existing infrastructure will used as much as possible. New panel PCs and the MAS network components that replace the current alarm system will also integrate the ballast control system, the fuel efficiency monitoring system, the BWTS and the power management system.

In addition to the automation system, the entire main switchboard will be modified and a BWTS installed. Gebhard Electro has been commissioned to modify the main switchboard.

In order to achieve optimum results in a short period, Eekels Technology B.V. and Gebhard Electro are working closely together on this project.

The docking is scheduled for early next year and the lead time is approximately four weeks.

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