Eekels | TBI trusted partner in the construction of high-voltage systems

Hoogspanning diverse schillers

Eekels | TBI has a solid reputation when it comes to the construction and maintenance of high-voltage systems. For example, at the end of 2018, a client commissioned us to expand their high-voltage network in a number of phases. In order to be able to realise this expansion, the existing 10kV connection had to be replaced with a new 20kV connection. This required a new transformer substation. Near this substation, we installed two new 20/10.5kV transformers with the latest requisite cable connections between these transformers and the existing high-voltage building. A few essential modifications were also made on and near the existing high-voltage substation.

In terms of installation technique, this was a very interesting project: altogether, more than 20 aluminium conduits, each measuring 800 mm2 in diameter, were laid (see photo). Together, these conduits form two cables that have been routed alongside and under various buildings and bodies of water over a total length of 400 metres, with the aid of five rounds of controlled directional drilling.


The realisation of this type of drilling is always an exciting activity. Fortunately, the first drilling of 150 metres was an immediate success. The other four double drilling sessions (4x2 sections of 200 mm jacket pipe insulation) were carried out immediately afterwards. The 10 and 20kV cables ultimately took several months to install and connect. We completed the 20kV section in December 2019, and are currently working on the final phase, namely the 10kV section. This will be put into operation in May 2020.

As Eekels | TBI, we are now recognised as a trusted partner in the construction and maintenance of high-voltage systems. The photographs give an impression of the purpose-built bus and the tools that we use to carry out these activities.

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