Eekels | TBI is working on Water Injection Dredger commission for Bodewes Harlingen

In August 2015, Bodewes Shipyards Harlingen commissioned Eekels to deliver the complete electrotechnical installation for a Water Injection Dredger. The vessel is built by Bodewes Harlingen on behalf of Boskalis. The construction of the vessel is well under way and commissioning is planned for the end of May 2016.

With its length of 40 metres and width of 12 metres. The A-frame on the stern can lower a water injection beam to the seabed. On the water injection beam, two waterjet pumps will be installed propelled by two watertight high-voltage electro motors of 3 kV with an aggregate power of approx. 1MW. Controlling and starting these pumps will be the responsibility of Eekels. Eekels will also deliver all switchboards, distribution systems, control panels and the alarm installations. The complete electrical installation will be installed by Eekels on location on the Harlingen site.

Eekels is proud that Bodewes has chosen to trust our expertise in the field of complex electrotechnical installations.

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