After a wildly exciting final, Eekels was named the winner of the coveted TBI Innovation Award 2022 in the Impact category on 24 November 2022. From a competition of 9 cool and sustainable ideas, innovations and impact makers, jury members and TBI employees crowned the marine energy platform developed by Eekels during a two-hour event. Thanks to this future-proof multi-power platform suitable for zero-emission propulsion, Eekels is at the forefront of greening shipping!

Eekels: Zero Emission Technology from A to Z

From 2023, CO2 reduction in shipping will be mandatory. As a ship lasts 25-30 years on average, this means ship owners will have to make choices for clean solutions in the form of alternative systems and fuels. The big issue here is: what will the future bring in that area?

Ever since the Paris climate summit in 2015, in which a binding climate agreement was concluded, Eekels has been at ZET! That stands for Zero Emission Technology, or technology aimed at ZERO emissions. Among other things, this has resulted in the development of a sustainable energy platform, where ships will sail electrically. To generate that electricity on board, various clean sources and green fuels are linked to just one system: our smart energy platform. Those clean sources include clean generators, heat recovery, solar panels, wind energy, shore connection and electrical storage systems such as batteries. To sail without emissions, green fuels such as hydrogen, methanol and ammonia are needed. The core and unique feature of our energy platform is the pioneering technology devised to bring together alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) and integrate all other applications.

This makes Eekels a leader in the market, contributes to green shipping and multiple UN climate goals, reduces our well-to-wake CO2 footprint and puts us at the forefront of TBI's route to a sustainable future. With our launching customer Vertom, the first ship with this energy platform on board will be put into service in December. Look, you're doing something!

The energy platform was only made possible thanks to intensive cooperation, knowledge development and exchange with our client, our suppliers, including primarily Danfoss, and last but not least colleagues from no fewer than four different business units within Eekels. Thanks to the joint expertise, leadership and team spirit, Eekels has more than lived up to its role as an independent system integrator.


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