Eekels: Zero Emission Technology from A to Z

Eekels is fully committed to sustainability. New, environmentally friendly technologies, minimising the ecological footprint, reducing emissions, digitisation, circularity and energy efficiency are high on Eekels’ agenda.

Sustainability benefits

One of the ways in which we can contribute to sustainability is by providing integrated solutions. This involves a multidisciplinary approach to the design and realisation of projects, including the technical installations and maintenance of the entire system. The sustainability benefits lie in efficient collaboration, which generates creative solutions and reduces failure costs. For Eekels, investing in innovation, new partnerships and digitisation of products and processes is essential. By actively participating in the production process, we are contributing to groundbreaking products and total concepts.

Energy transition

Within the energy transition, Eekels focuses on minimising emissions and maximising the use of smart energy solutions. We take sustainable energy solutions as our starting point. Because every project is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all solution; this requires an integrated approach early in the design phase. Eekels offers solutions for, on the one hand, reducing lifetime energy demand, whilst on the other hand increasing the share of energy from alternative sources such as hydrogen, methanol and ammonia.

Hydrogen: from inventory to deployment

With its HPS (Hydrogen Power Solutions) department, Eekels offers solutions in the field of hydrogen-based sustainable electrical energy systems for the maritime sector, the manufacturing industry, and the built environment. 

In the next few years, hydrogen as a fuel is going to play a very prominent role in the energy transition, and in society. Policymakers, knowledge institutions and the industrial sector subscribe to the potential of hydrogen as a zero-emission energy carrier and are fully committed to the development of technologies, production and distribution of hydrogen and its applications. 

Eekels identifies, develops, delivers and integrates solutions based on standardized and modular Fuel Cell stacks, which provide reliable cost- and energy-efficient systems. Eekels builds the modules in-house and connects them to the power management and conversion systems of Eekels.

This enables Eekels to offer compact, energy-efficient and reliable systems that have a long life, great flexibility, and can be used for various applications. The mobile and containerized solutions are offered in ranges from 200 kW to about 2 MW.

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