Esnaad 222 delivered

Shipyard De Hoop Foxhol has transferred the Esnaad 222, building number YN471, to Esnaad on 14 December 2015.

Eekels | TBI has provided the complete electrical installation, including the coupling switches, bridge control panels, the alarm and monitoring system and all frequency controls including engines for the 2 propulsion propellers and the 3 bow thrusters. The Esnaad 222 has a length of 70.4 meters and a width of 15.8 meters. This is the second in a series of ten vessels for which Eekels has been commissioned.

The Esnaad 222 has been built as a 'design of the future', complying with the highest international classification standards with respect to both operational as well as environmental objectives. The ten vessels will be deployed in the oil and gas fields in the Arabian Gulf and will be operated by ESNAAD, an ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) subsidiary.

Check out the link below for a promotional video for the Esnaad.


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