Launching of the Symphony Provider

On Thursday 9 March, the Symphony Provider, hull number FS 434, was successfully launched at Shipyard Ferus Smit Leer. The Symphony Provider, the second of two Ecobox DP2 vessels for shipping company Symphony Shipping, is 125m long and 18m wide.

Foto: Kees de Vries

The ship is based on six Ecobox ships built for the same shipping company, but has as an extra provision a DP2 (Dynamic positioning) installation with a combined diesel-direct and diesel-electrical configuration with which the vessel can exactly be kept in position or on track .

For the FS433 and 434 Eekels designed, delivered and commissioned the complete electrical installation. The installation comprises a 690V main control panel, a 440V main and emergency control panel, an automated system consisting of a power management and an alarm system, three 1200kW bow thruster engines provided with Eekels frequency drives, three 690V shaft generators and panels for the bridge and engine room.

In addition, Eekels delivered the cabling for the installations, the (LED) lighting installation and the fire detector, as well as the search lights and even the windshield wipers.

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