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Eekels is part of TBI

TBI, which has stood for engineering, construction and infrastructure for more than 40 years, consists of 20 companies, each with its own craftsmanship and culture. A close-knit family in which we work together a lot but also carry out our own projects. Each company is independent and responsible for its own success. Moreover, TBI has a unique organisational structure with an independent foundation as its sole shareholder.

This means we are not driven by the whims of the day and can focus on the long term together with the other TBI companies. We have been putting this into practice for many years. In our sustainable way of working and in special projects, for society and for our own employees. In a structural way, so that we can make a real impact.

TBI has been working continuously for forty years to strike a healthy balance between the continuity of the TBI companies and the wellbeing of society. We therefore invest a lot of our profits back into our companies and society. For example, by investing in cultural heritage and offering a Study Fund to all children of permanent employees. See, then you do something. 

The impact of a large company

With a total of 6,300 colleagues, TBI is one of the largest engineering, construction and infrastructure groups in our country. The combination of these disciplines is special. We have everything in-house, which allows us to take on projects that regularly make the national newspapers. In addition, we lead the way when it comes to sustainability: we aim to build completely climate-neutral buildings by 2030.

The best of both worlds

As an Eekels employee, you enjoy the advantages of both a large and a small employer. You get the chance to work on large, integrated projects, but you are also part of a company where you know everyone. You can follow group-wide training courses, but also develop yourself at a specialist. We are the third largest builder in the Netherlands, but it feels like a family business.

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