Easy Max II

On Thursday 29 October, Koninklijke Niestern Sander B.V. successfully launched the “EasyMax II” new-build number NB-851.

The EasyMax is the sister ship of the “Egbert Wagenborg”, which belongs to Wagenborg Shipping B.V. and won the prestigious KNVR Shipping Award in 2017. The EasyMax principle is based on “Easy to operate, Maximum performance”. This principle is seen as a standard for sustainable shipping, given the considerable deadweight tonnage of 14,200 tons with a volume of 625,000 cubic feet, which corresponds to 17,700m3 combined with a very low fuel consumption.

Eekels|TBI designed and installed the complete electrical installation. The design was based on the principle of creating as much deadweight tonnage as possible with as little additional space and weight being wasted as possible. Unlike traditional ships, the bridge and the accommodation in this design are located in the bow of the ship, and the engine room is located in the stern. This improves visibility from the bridge, which is not limited by the cargo, as well as the comfort in the accommodation for the crew in relation to noise level, because the engine room is located in the stern.

The comfort level for the crew was another important principle of this design. Attention was paid to technology, ergonomics, safety and layout. An example of this is the AlphaBridge bridge desk, which was supplied by Eekels.The vessel also has a satellite link, onboard TV, and internet, which can be used to communicate with people back home. Various devices can also be used via the internet connection to provide remote support and maintenance read-outs.

The Easymax II has a length of 149.95 metres, breadth of 15.90 metres and a draught of 8.60 metres, has two large rooms and a hull that has been reinforced to withstand ice. This means that it can be used throughout the world and is able to transport both heavy and lighter cargo, as well as open-top cargoes with the hatches open. In addition to the AlphaBridge bridge desk referred to above, the vessel is also fitted with the advanced Marpower Automation System (MAS), which monitors its sub-systems. The MAS system is being developed all the time, with the aim that it will ultimately be able to contribute to autonomous sailing.

The vessel also comes with the 400V Main and emergency switchboards, distribution boxes, shaft generator, the Marpower 750kW frequency-controlled bow thruster drive including motor, the complete lighting system, and the various necessary communication systems.

Commissioning has now begun and the vessel will be delivered to Wagenborg Shipping B.V. at the beginning of 2021.

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