Over the past few months, Eekels, by order of Royal Niestern Sander, has contributed to the conversion of the Keizersborg. 

During this assignment, the vessel’s accommodation has been extended and Eekels has engineered and implemented, among others, the following installations and systems:

  • replacement & extension of the entire telephone system
  • extension & integration of the fire alarm system
  • extension & integration of the PA/GA system
  • extension & integration of the LAN networks
  • extension & integration of the CCTV 
  • extension lighting installation

A retractable bow thruster, for which Eekels supplied its own 800 kW Marpower frequency converter, has also been added to the vessel.

This walk to work vessel will sail for the Wagenborg fleet under the name Keizerborg and will be used for maintenance to offshore installations on the southern North Sea, among others. The vessel has been fitted with an Ampelmann gangway especially for this work.

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