Services Marine & Offshore


Eekels operates in close collaboration with the customer and in this way responds to their needs. Eekels challenges itself every day with new, complex projects. This requires good cooperation, both within Eekels and with partners, and the use of smart techniques resulting in electrical engineering solutions that clients can rely on. Eekels wants to excel through performance and customer satisfaction and works intensively together to achieve the best results, on time, within budget and of good quality.

Our expertise

Independent system integrator

Eekels is an independent system integrator of electrotechnical systems. By integrating existing systems, Eekels offers an innovative overall solution that excels in ease of use. Eekels advises, develops, builds and provides maintenance.   

Project management

As a result of increasing customer demands and an increase in the size and complexity of projects in general, project management is a core element in Eekels’ day-to-day operations. Eekels believes that decisive project management is the basis for successful and profitable collaboration.

Console and panel building

Eekels has a modern workshop for the production of high-quality panels and our own products. The staff at Eekels are experienced and skilled, and the machines and tools are state-of-the-art. All products are tested in the testing department to make sure they meet our own requirements or those of the customer.


No matter the level of complexity of installations, our experienced commissioning engineers ensure that their safety, quality and functionality are guaranteed and optimised. With locations in the Netherlands, China, Germany, Romania, Spain, Vietnam and global partners & service, Eekels serves an international market.


Always evolving in a constantly changing world. Eekels offers support through its wide range of electrical engineering expertise. For new insights, improving operational performance, reducing operational costs, improving the sustainability and solving problems, to name but a few. Eekels brainstorms and designs together with you and offers alternatives.



Eekels provides concepts, basic designs and detailed engineering for all electrotechnical solutions on board. Our team of qualified engineers is highly competent, result-oriented and committed. 

On-site assembly and installation

Thanks to our many years of accumulated know-how and experience, Eekels specializes in assembling and installing electrical installations on board various types of vessels. Our skilled technicians are trained to work with focus, on schedule and, above all, safely in often hectic environments, all over the world.

Service, maintenance & remote support

You can rely on Eekels for designing and building your systems with the utmost care and expertise. Fit for years of trouble-free use. Also after your purchase, you can continue to count on Eekels for global service. From preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance to the supply of spare parts. Eekels helps with emergency repairs, troubleshooting, measurements and system analyses. Vessel maintenance takes time. Time during which a vessel cannot sail. Eekels minimizes this costly downtime by optimizing the maintenance via remote technical support that increases the effectiveness on board.

Eekels has more than lived up to Damen’s expectations

“With complex vessels such as the Zr. Ms. Luymes and Zr. Ms. Snellius, you need parties who understand the job, who, with just a few words, are swiftly able to identify what direction to take and to resolve matters. We felt that ‘click’ with Eekels’ installation team and had definitely come to the right place – and that was fantastic!”
Martin de Kroon, E&I Project Manager at Damen