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Eekels has ample knowledge and experience in executing complete electrotechnical installations on board ships. From dieselelectrical propulsion to bedside lamps and from design and engineering to installation and commissioning. In this way everything is under control and we take maximum responsibility for the result. Eekels also offers clients tailor-made services, such as:

Advice and consultancy

When developing a new ship, the various requirements of the industry and the shipping company must be geared to one another. In the initial phase, Eekels can advise and assist in important decision processes such as the choice between diesel-direct or diesel-electric propulsion, taking into account fuel consumption and losses. This is only one example of what Eekels can advise on regarding the electrical installation of ships.

Projectmanagement en engineering

Eekels can deliver the complete engineering package for the electrical installation, irrespective of where the ship is built.

After the customer has placed the order with Eekels, it is of the utmost importance that the project remains manageable. This is why Eekels has chosen the “project leader structure”. Project leaders, supported by engineers, guarantee a solid design that has been realized in close collaboration with the end-user.

Console and panel building

Eekels has a modern workshop for the production of high-quality panels and products.  Eekels has experienced employees, modern machines and tools at its disposal. All the products are tested at the testing department according to Eekels's quality system and the client's requirements.


For years Eekels has been providing installations for ships in the north of the Netherlands. Eekels has seen many developments, such as from DC to AC, and from steel clamps to plastic clamps bundles. Our mechanics have enormous experience on every level. The Eekels installations are known as “neat” and very reliable.


Commencement of operations is an exciting moment. Will the installation work as intended? The sheer variety of technologies on board a ship makes starting up an electrical installation especially complicated. Fortunately, our team of Dutch and Rumanian commissioning engineers, supported by technical specialists in the office, manage to start up the installations to everyone’s satisfaction, in spite of great pressure.

Package delivery

Over recent decades more and more West-European shipowners have had ships built outside Western Europe, especially in South-East Asia. The quality of the electrical installations is generally inadequate, leading to high operational costs. Shipowners often request West-European equipment, which is why Eekels delivers complete packages worldwide. If desired, building inspection and quality control can be added to the package. This way a tailor-made package can be agreed on for every customer.

Schip repairs & retrofit

Historically, there has been little activity concerning ship repairs in the north of the Netherlands. After the trial run the ships were delivered; maintenance and repairs were usually carried out in the Rotterdam area. This changed when in the eighties two large repair shipyards were founded, in Delfzijl and Harlingen. Since that time Eekels has carried out some large conversions.


With our extensive experience in shipbuilding, we can service your equipment or systems all over the world.

Our company can look back on over 100 years of experience in handling all aspects of electrical installations on board of ships. This unique amount of experience is reflected in the quality and professionalism of our service. Our all-round service technicians have a broad technical knowledge and are able to undertake complex electrical service and maintenance activities.

  • Insulation measurements
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Thermographic investigation
  • Fire and water damage repair
  • Spare materials supply

We can advise you on every imaginable electrical system on board. Eekels can provide a wide range of high-quality products specifically designed for shipbuilding, such as frequency-controlled bow thruster systems, telegraph systems, alarm systems, automation systems and power management systems. You can also rely on our extensive range of spare parts. We can do electrical repairs on our own products as well as those of other manufacturers.

Guaranteed service?

Our service level agreement offers you the security of a guaranteed response time. You can optimize electric systems through periodic inspections and preventive maintenance. This increases the continuity and reliability of systems on board and enables you to stay focused on your core business. You know in advance where you stand, because every SLA guarantees a maximum response and recovery time. After a service call, one of our technicians investigates the problem and always tries to solve the problem by telephone. In case of a more complex problem (for example faulty hardware), we will always first inform you of actions to be taken. After that and if necessary, one of our service engineers will attend on board.