The monodisciplinary tendering of projects is behind us. The current market demands participants who offer a complete overview that does not only focus on their own specific expertise. Software has become an inseparable part of modern systems and is often at their core. Eekels has the experience to run projects in a multidisciplinary way. Our software engineers are involved with other project disciplines so that from the very beginning elements can be adjusted, ultimately resulting in an optimum commissioning. Process knowledge is crucial as well as identifying the interests and influences of other disciplines, especially mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Involving our engineers from the preliminary stage really pays off.

Process optimisation

Continuous improvement is basically what every entrepreneur, plant manager or production manager strives for. In industry, process improvement is always high on the agenda. After all, everyone has to make an effort to keep ahead of competitors, client needs or environmental legislation. And in addition every per cent of process saving on energy or waste generates real euros. EPOS (Eekels Process Optimisation System) enables us to systematically evaluate and adjust the production process.

Weighing and dosing

On the basis of standard controls and components, Eekels delivers weighing and dosing installations for the industry. Operation, visualisation, methods of preparation and batch reporting are the starting point here. Whether we are talking about very high dosing rates in the concrete industry or very precise weighing processes in the glass industry, we offer you the right solution. Depending on the dosing rates, possibilities of fine and coarse dosing, post-dosing and post-drop correction, we can adjust your process in the most effective way.

Training courses

Eekels has its own facilities for in-house training. Not only do we provide customer-specific training courses for commissioned projects, but it is also possible to follow 'general' training courses for Siemens and for the Eekels frequency converter.

In collaboration with Siemens, the following courses are held on a regular basis: SIMATIC S7 System course 1a/ SIMATIC S7 System course 1b and SIMATIC s7 Service 1a (fault finding). For further information, please contact:

+31(0) 88 799 1 799