Vital Craftmanship

At Eekels we think it is important to pay attention to the vitality and motivation of our employees. Because skilled, vital and motivated employees get the best out of themselves.

Through our Vital Craftsmanship program, our employees gain insight into how they stand in the field of vitality, where they want to go and what they need for that.

Vital Craftsmanship starts with you. We support our employees in this by facilitating in a number of areas. For example, our employees receive discount options on fitness subscriptions and an activity calendar is drawn up every year, which includes cycling, running and walking tours, which contribute to strengthening vitality.

In addition, the subjects of vitality and craftsmanship are a permanent part of the performance appraisal, our employees are given the opportunity to (even) better combine work and private life and (training) opportunities are offered to maintain and/or further develop the craftsmanship of our employees. to develop. 

With insight, support and their own actions, our employees can continue to work on the development of their vital craftsmanship.

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